The Government approved the draft Law of the mutual funds for accidents work

On 20th December 2013, the Council of Ministers approved the draft law regarding the mutual funds for accidents at work and occupational diseases. The objective of the draft is to help in the fight against unjustified absenteeism and facilitate the recovery of the provision for stoppage of work to freelancers.

According to recent data, provided by the Employment Minister Fatima Banez, each year are lost an average of 11.4 absence days per employee, compared to 8.4 days lost in Finland, seven that are lost in Denmark, 6.8 days 4.9 days Canada or the United States.

Another objective of the law is to facilitate mutual charging provision for cessation of activity of the self- managing mutual benefit, because many of the applications that perform the self-employed are denied.

The new regulation, which the government wants to approve before July 2014, modernizes the operation and management of mutual funds, ensuring transparency and efficiency, while contributing to the sustainability of the social security system.

Mutual law also aims to increase efficiency in the management of these entities, which employ 24,000 people aim; improve prevention of occupational hazards, and ensure the provision of quality services to improve the health of workers.

In this sense, the standard will facilitate collaboration between regions and mutual so that the first to use the capacity of the latter for the benefit of users of the National Health System.

Source: Noticias juridicas;