The social action and the individual action liability of directors of a corporation

The social action of responsibility

The social action, described in section 238 LSC, is one that enables society to act against the directors for compensation of damages incurred by the social equity arising from the breach of duties imposed on them under the Act, Statutes or the duty to manage the diligence with the orderly and fair administrator.

The reform of the Urban Leases Act: fundamental aspects of the rental housing

On June 6, 2013 came into force the new Law 4/2013, of June 4 , from easing measures and promotion of rental housing market, that significantly modifies the previous Law 29/1994, of November 24 Urban Leases (hereinafter, LAU), and the Law 1/2000 , of January 7, on Civil Procedure (hereinafter LEC ), with the aim or goal of boosting the rental market. For this reason, it is important to do a review of the law, studying both new as issues of possible interest from future contracting parties, especially with regard to rental housing.

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